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 A Tutorial on
Micromechanics and MEMS
Tutorial Introduction:

This field is the study of small mechanical devices and systems.  They range in size from a few microns to a few millimeters.  The field is called by a wide variety of names in different parts of the world: Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, MEMS, Micromechanics, Micro System Technology, MST, Micro Machines, Micro, and is called Nano Technology by some people (Nano technology usually refers to devices ranging in size from a nanometer to a micron).

This field, which encompases all aspects of science and technology,  is involved with things on a smaller scale.  Creative people from all technical disciplines have important contributions to make.  You are encouraged to join the excitement.

Things behave substantially differently in the micro domain.  Forces related to volume, like weight and inertia, tend to decrease in significance.  Forces related to surface area, such as friction and electrostatics, tend to become large.  And forces like surface tension that depend upon an edge become enormious.  It takes awhile to get one's micro intuition sorted out. -- An ant carrying many times its weight or a water bug walking on the surface of a pond are just two manifestations of this different micro world.

Below are a number of short tutorial pieces on the world of the small.  Enjoy.

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Tutorial Material:

A Brief Tutorial on Micromechanics and MEMS     (Large file - 270k)

A Tutorial on Surface Micromachining

A Tutorial on Bulk Micromachining

A Tutorial on Single Point Diamond Machining 
Interesting MEMS Pictures     (Large file - 100k)

Original Photograph of Ant holding Gear    (William Trimmer 1989, Large file - 36k)

Seminar on MEMS and MST and Micro Devices   by Belle Mead Research, Inc.

Details of Seminar on MEMS and MST and Micro Devices   by Belle Mead Research, Inc.

 A new book on "Micromechanics & MEMS"  by William Trimmer

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