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 employment positions in Micromechanics and MEMS
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040526 Will Arora Looking to begin a pioneering career in the emerging field of nanotechnology, starting as an engineer or technology expert. M.S.E.E from MIT, graduate research in the Nanostructures Lab. , will@nano.mit.edu ,

040305  John Kriskey  Seeking position in Micro Direct Fuel Cell / Membrane / Catalytic (Carbon Nanotube)MEMS & associated technology Development , address is: 2223 Ave.C Plattsmouth, NE 68048 Tel.(402)296-2788 BSEET

031118  Ronald S. Nowicki, Phone 408 735 1247,  Thirty years experience in Process Engineering, with thirty-four technical  publications and nine patents in Materials Science, reliability  improvement, characterization, optimization and patterning of thin and thick Films used in fabrication of MEMS and other electronic devices.  Effective as either an individual or Team contributor. Practical knowledge  of SPC, DOE, QA methods and  analytical tools used for film  characterization SEM, X-ray, TEM, ESCA, Auger analysis/depth profiling.  nowicki@batnet.com  .

031111  Patricio A. Espinoza-Vallejos. Seeking a position related to the development of sensors, MEMS, BioMEMS, ICs, and associated processes. See my resume and publications at  http://www.stwing.upenn.edu/~patricio/professional.html  .

030915    Sreeram Appasamy, M.S, University of Cincinnati. Looking for positions as a MEMS research/Process engineer. Experience with fundamental silicon
micromachining techniques and all aspects of polymer microfabrication including thick resist lithography, electroplating, and injection molding. Master's thesis focused on the design, fabrication and characterization of plastic microlenses. Contact: sappasam@ececs.uc.edu. Phone: 513-5560852,513-2213847.

030910  Kailash Patalay, MS Mechanical Engr, Purdue University, May 2003; MS Manufacturing Systems Engr, NCSU, Aug. 2001. Seeking a challenging career in the area of MEMS, Microsensors, BioMEMS and Microfluidics device design and analysis. Research experience in microfluidics and flow modeling for micromixing by chaotic advection. Strong expertise in FEA/CFD, multiphysics analysis of MEMS using ANSYS and FLUENT. Interdisciplinary skills in DSP, Control Systems, Mechatronics. Resume and projects at   http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~kpatalay/resumemems.htm   Email:   kkpatalay@yahoo.com   Cell: (919) 539-7755

030804  Andrew DeHennis  I am a Ph.D Candidate in Electrical Engineering under Prof. Wise, and planning to graduate this winter.  Resume at http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~hde/  , Email hde@eecs.umich.edu  .

030723  Bhushan Mehendale (M.S Electrical) University of Missouri-Columbia majoring in MEMS area and my dream job would be in the research and development of the industries dealing in MEMS products. Currently working on Oral tactile displays fabricated using MEMS technology. mailto:bjm2h5@mizzou.edu  .

030626  Kiran.Potluri, MSEE, Phone :813-765-1386, email:kiranpotluri2@yahoo.com. I graduated with a masters from USF,
Tampa. I would like to join a challenging and dynamic team involving MEMS Design and Fabrication techniques, where I can apply my analytical and designing skills.  Please email me if you are interested in having a look at my resume.

030419  Prashanth Subramanian.  MS Electrical Engineering, Univ of Cincinnati, specializing in MEMS, looking for jobs in MEMS/BioMEMS/microfabrication, test/design engineer, detailed resume available on request.psubrama@ececs.uc.edu ,  psubrama@ececs.uc.edu  .

030412  Sowmya Suryamoorthy  Seeking a professional career in MEMS/BioMEMS research and/or applications. Masters degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Cincinnati,Ohio, specialized in MEMS design & fabrication of semiconductor devices using microelectronic processing techniques. Masters project done with NASA Glenn, Etching technologies in support of the development of a CPS wick for a MEMS LHP. Contact by email:  mailto: sowmy5@yahoo.co.uk  .

030319  Jayaram N Sermadevi  MS Electrical Engineering  Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana.  Expected to graduate in Dec 03. Good knowledge in MEMS Design and fabrication.  Seeking a carrer as a MEMS Engineer. E-Mail : jns012@latech.edu. Call me at (318)251-1786 (Res).

030125  Gene Picciotti  Photolithography Engineer familiar with MEMS processing techniques from contact and proximity printing laminated and spray coated resist  through i-line stepper technology. Also familiar with Metal Deposition, PECVD, RIE and wet etching, diffusion and test. http://www.geocities.com/gene_picciotti/Gene_Picciotti.doc  .

021206 Gregory James Sharp, Key Account Manager, Western Region, Telecom, Custom Optics, Coatings, and Optical Assembly, Zygo, Middlefield, CT. 949-856-0504 v sharp1gt1@cox.net .

021206 Jung-sik Moon, I graduated for UC Irvine with a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, while working on a tunable MEMS filter in the Microsystems Laboratory.  Shortly after my graduation, I designed and analyzed MEMS filters for a startup company and recently moved to the Bay Area from L.A. jsmoon@sbcglobal.net .

021206 Srikoundinya Punnamaraju, MS Electrical Engineering expected Graduation Dec'02
University of Cincinnati, USA. Worked for almost 2 years as a Research Assistant in the Center for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS, UC. Developed a strong understanding and gained hands on experience in MEMS Design and fabrication techniques. Available for work from Dec'02. Email: spunnama@ececs.uc.edu, Phone # 513-7512035(home)

021206  Krishnan Padmanabhan, Seeking a career as a process/design/research/test/electrical/applications engineer(Detailed resume available on request), krishnantp@yahoo.com .

021206  Ravi Selvaganapathy, I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan. I recently completed my Ph.D in solid state with focus in MEMS under Prof. Carlos Mastrangelo, pselvaga@engin.umich.edu .

020424 Sam Calmes, MS Microengineering Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 1996, MS Electrical Engineering Stanford 1999. 7 years of experience in design, fabrication and characterization of several MEMS devices. Special interest in MEMS packaging. Looking for a challenging position as a MEMS engineer.

000824  Sunil Kumar, MS Mechanical Engineering University of California, Irvine Sept 2000, Experience in design and analysis of MEMS devices, Special Interest Optical MEMS. Looking for a position with a MEMS company in design/analysis/fabrication to utilize my interdisciplinary skills (control systems, optics, robotics, materials, MEMS, etc.,) in MEMS.  email: sunil@uci.edu  Phone: 949-737-7531 (evening)  949-824-3789 (weekday)  web url for resume: http://abxyz.tripod.com/resume.pdf

000824  Mingqiang Yi, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania.  Experience in microfluidic/MEMS device design, CFD package application. A  solid foundation in mathematics, microfluidics, electronics. Email:   myi@seas.upenn.edu, Phone: (215) 898-1380, FAX: (215) 573-6334,  Web: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~myi

990420  Sam Calmes, MS Microengineering Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 1996, MS Electrical Engineering Stanford 1999. 4 years of experience in design, fabrication and characterization of several MEMS devices. Special interest in MEMS packaging. Looking for a challenging position as a MEMS engineer.
Phone: (650) 723 0297, sam.calmes@stanford.edu , http://sonics.stanford.edu/sam ,

990309 Bin Yuan, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. Many years of experience in CAD, MEMS/sensors design, FEM, packaging, and testing. A solid foundation in mathematics, mechanics, materials science, and optics. Email: byuan9@hotmail.com, Phone: (714) 520-3152, FAX: (714) 520-3152.

Roberts Kirthi,  #5, 7120 Pandora Street,, Burnaby, British Columbia,, Canada V5A 1B7, Phone: (604)293-1814 (H), (604)291-3815 (W),  e-mail: kroberts@sfu.ca, OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position as a Microfabrication  / Process engineer in the area of MEMS

990215 Nelsimar Vandelli,  PhD canditate at Boston University,  industry experience as MEMS Design
and Test Engineer. Expertise in the design and test of MEMS micro-actuators, micro-mirrors and micro-valves for adaptive optics and fluidic applications, E-mail : vandelli@bu.edu, Phone  : (617) 353-9961, Fax    : (617) 353-8659

990211 Douglas J. Stephens, Ph.D., I have the numerous processing skills, thin film deposition, in-situ
and ex-situ wafer cleaning, characterization, UHV systems, etc., Email djstephe@unity.ncsu.edu , Phone 919-231-9904, 919-515-9458, PH.D at North Carolina State University.

990131  Prantik Mazumder, completing PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Materials Science) from Iowa State University by the end of February 1999, also a Masters and undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering, I am particularly interested in pursuing a career in MEMS fabrication and research, Phone (515) 294 7901, email prantik@iastate.edu ,

990110 Adam T. Palermo, BS Mechanical Engineering in May 1998 fro Lehigh University, Experience: process engineer, tool designer, MOT planner, IPD, Automotive, Phone 602 609 8911, TA62798@aol.com , 6980 E Sahuaro Dr - 2057, Scottsdale, AZ

990109 Ken Giffford, I am interested in pursuing a career path in MEMS. I have a Ph.D. in materials science (studied piezoelectric materials) and a BS in electrical engineering.  KenGiff@aol.com ,

981112  Robert G. Englert PO Box 79, Rocky Hill, NJ, Phone 908 333 0749, Etensive experience in electro-mechanical engineering.  Entreprenuerial, detail-oriented, adaptive, diplomatic,

981024 Craig M. Winter 47000 Warm Springs Blvd.  PO Box 413, Fremont California 94539 (510) 795-8294 Want engineering position developing breakthrough technology projects and implemention into manufacturing. Enjoy
assignments that involve travel and project transfer off-shore. 24 years experience mixed between manufacturing and R&D in both Semiconductor and Thin Film Head  industries. Strong emphasis in photolithography. Experience with international
project transfer and interaction

981011  Tak K. Wang, Home (610)446-5657 Office (302)633-8817,  Email:  wang@lf.hp.com , University of Pennsylvania (PhD. Electrical Engineering 1989), 9 years at Hewlett Packard Company.  Technical Lead of an engineering team to develop a high temperature micromachined detector.  Developed unique, patented Silicon based Micromachine valve.  9 patents.

980927 Siobhan Ying Xie, Tel/Fax: (415) 643-8576,  e-mail: syxie@juno.com , Engineering position in biotech, thin film magnetic heads or semiconductor  industry.  Over 8 years of experience in CMOS technology and IC fabrication with focus in Microfluidic Devices and  MEMS as well as Thin Film technology.  Excellent processing skills.

980927 Eric J. Snyder, Ph.D.    Physical Chemist/Product Development  tel/fax (650) 589-8229  e-mail: esnyder@ejs.com  Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with 6 years experience in surface chemistry and 3 years of product development. Strong background in commercial surface anaylsis equipment, particularly metrology. Currently working with a MEMS start-up company developing chemical vapor sensors for the semiconductor equipment industry.

980927 Guobin Wang  Phone 510-643-6767(work), 510-237-4355(home) Email gwang@eecs.berkeley.edu   Web http://www-microlab.eecs.berkeley.edu/~gwang   Seeking a challenging position as a Process Engineer.    Over five years direct experience with CMOS process, photolithography, thin film deposition and characterization, device testing and analysis, design and layout, simulation and modeling. And I am a hands on and  self starting person.

980903 Peggy Pey-Chii Ng, George Washington University, Washington,  DC, M.S in Mechanical Engineering, Thesis Fluid mechanics and thermal science in computational fluid dynamics in MEMS, current GPA is 3.5 / 4.0, Phone 703 415 0076, email peggyng@seas.gwu.edu , address 801 15th Street South, Suite 908, Arlington, VA 22202,

980812 Stas V. Polonsky, Physics Dept at SUNY, Stony Brook, Phone 516 632 9786, email svpolonsky@ccmail.sunysb.edu  , Web http://frida.physics.sunysb.edu/~stas/

980812  Haiming Xiao, Ph.D, Phone 423 670 1308, email xiaoh@ornl.gov  ,  Electrochemistry, Matellurgical EE, Corrosion, ...

980812  Volker Schulze, Phone 408 360 0651, email vschulze@hotmail.com  , Analysis / design engineering, Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering expected 10/98, GPA 4.0,  MEMS Pressure Sensors

980812  Jean R. Podlecki, Phone 408 356 1728, now post doctorial fellow in Japan, semiconductor research and development in optoelectronics, email podlecki@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp  ,

980630 Alva E. Hare. MA Physics may 1996, MS Electrical Engineering expected in Aug 98. Micro mirrors, Micro machine design, testing and fab, Optics, optoectronics. Seeking postion anywhere in U.S. United States citizen. mailto:hareae@email.uc.eduhttp://www.eng.uc.edu/~ahare/resume/Alva1_resume.html  .

980604 Donald A. Cameron, University of Florida, Dept. of Chemistry.  Ph.D. expected September 1998.  Interested in the application of conducting polymers to MEMS/actuators/sensors.  Seeking employment in the greater Los Angeles area.  http://nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu/~dacame , Phone (352)-846-0906, fax (352)-392-9741, email dacame@ufl.edu , U.F. Dept. of Chemistry, Gainesville, FL 32611-7200,

9805 Xing Yang, Email xyang@cco.caltech.edu , Phone 626 395 2227, Research area in MEMS, Silicon Micromachining, Ph.D. expected June 1998,  Web www.cco.caltech.edu/~xyang/

9804  Eniko Enikov, Email eeniko1@uic.edu, Ph.D. Candidate graduation in December 1998 with degree in Mechanical engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago -- focusing on MEMS.

9804  Faiz Sherman, Email faiz@seas.ucla.edu , Ph.D. in MEMS at UCLA (GPA 3.89 / 4.0) by June 1998 under Professor C. J. Kim, M.S. UCLA (1995 GPA 3.9 / 4.0) in heat transfer, B.S. UCLA in Mechanical Engineering (1993, Cum Lauda), Current interests include fab, implementation, bio-medical, RF switches, cryogenic, fluid control.

9804  Keith A. Batchelder,  224 Robin Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, (650) 327-4830, kbatch@alumni.stanford.org,  Ph.D. Thesis "Towards a Method for Measuring Heat Transfer in Complex 3-D Flows," August 1997, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

9804  PAUL GALAMBOS, 19935  55th Ave. N.E. Seattle, WA  98155, Residence: (206) 362-1857 Office: (206) 543-7828 FAX: (206)685-8047, email: pablito@u.washington.edu   I am looking for a position in the field of MEMS that utilizes my knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat/mass transfer.  ,  Ph.D. CANDIDATE in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Completion expected Apr. 1998,  University of Washington; Seattle, WA  (3.83 GPA)

9804   Aine Garde, 655 South Fair Oaks Ave., Apt. #M209, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 774-9897, Ph.D.  1997, Department of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics, University College, Cork, Ireland., Thesis: Modification of the silicon-nitride surface for an improved ISFET pH response.

9804  Gary M. Stern, 11 Nassau Court, Branchburg, NJ 08876, USA, Phone 908 722 3662, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Purchasing, Fabrication, B.A. in Environmental Studies, 1980, Alfred University, Alfred, NY.

9803  Raji Krishnamoorthy Mali, graduate in May with Phd from the College of Engineering at Boston University,MEMS micro-mirror, precision optics, photonics,  raji@bu.edu

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