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http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/akt1/superlink.htmlhttp://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/akt1/memsmain.html ,

http://www.biomems.uc.edu/links/ , http://engineering.dartmouth.edu/~microeng/links1.html ,

http://www.engin.umich.edu/dept/che/research/burns/Web%20Page/research_links.htmlhttp://www-mtl.mit.edu/semisubway.html ,

http://www.memsnet.org/ , http://www.ece.umn.edu/groups/mems/links.htmlhttp://www2.mae.cuhk.edu.hk/~aml/link.html ,

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The text and reference of these MEMS sites comes from a wide range of sources.
We do not vouch for their accuracy or appropriateness.

at ac tuwien
Intro to MEMS

at ac uni-linz mechatronik
84. Mechatronics & MEMS, Linz Home Page, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

be ac kuleuven mech
http://www.mech.kuleuven.ac.be/~psheeren/mTech.htm    The Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Information about microsystem technology & MEMS work in general, and micro Electro Discharge Machining in particular.

ca ab amc   30.  Alberta Microelectronics Centre
The Alberta Microelectronic Centre (AMC) is an Alberta technology corporation, with a mission to develop the best commercially relevant MEMS & microelectronic technologies for its customers' products and services.  --  now called Micralyne Inc. www.micralyne.com ,

ca ab amc   The Materials and Devices Laboratory of AMC develops and manufactures miniaturized devices using semi-conductor fabrication techniques, often referred to as micromachining technologies or MEMS. AMC fabricates a range of products that are used in the telecommunications and biotechnology sectors, and is known as one of North America's foremost micromachining companies.

ca cmc
In 1994 CMC awarded several contracts to experienced Canadian researchers to enable them to investigate and document the use of Mitel's 1.5-micron CMOS technology for micromachining & MEMS. Those documents have been integrated to form "An Introduction to Micromachining: Results of Projects Using Mitel's 1.5-micron CMOS Technology to
Develop a Canadian MEMS Process"

ca cmc keeper
An Introduction to Micromachining: Results of Projects Using Mitel's 1.5-micron CMOS Technology to Develop a Canadian MEMS Process

ca polymtl lisa
Information on the Laboratory for the Integration of MEMS Sensors and Actuators Department of Engineering Physics at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal conducted by Professor John F CURRIE.
Link sites  http://lisa.polymtl.ca/LISA_bookmarks.html

ca tuns me micron
MEMS Laboratory at DalTech
Etch Simulator   http://mira.me.tuns.ca/segs/Welcome.html

ca ualberta amc
Alberta Microelectronic Centre
The Alberta Microelectronic Centre (AMC) is an Alberta technology corporation, with a mission to apply commercially relevant new MEMS and microelectronic technologies to our customers' needs. Our success is measured by the amount of new business developed by our customers. ď AMC Overview ď Design Engineering Services ď Microfabrication Services ď SIMBAD (Thin Film Process Simulator) ď Newsletter ď Project Highlights

ca cms   22.  Micromachining, CMC and Can-MEMS
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC)
Index of /Fabrication/Micromachining/ MEMS

ca sfu fas
Simon Fraser University: Institute of Micromachining and Microfabrication Research
Established in 1993 to enhance micromachining research anddevelopment and to encourage the application of research results in thedesign and fabrication of miniature sensors and actuators. This page ispresenting products of the institute. 1.Sub-Nanogram Mass Measurement in Liquid 2.Pressure Time Recorder 3.Thermal Peristaltic Pump 4.DNA Amplification Chamber 5.Micromachined DNA Purification Units 6.Tactile Sensor For Endoscopic Surgery 7.Applied Pressure Sensor for Clinical Use 8.Prostate Cancer Detector 9.CMOS Micromachined Flow Sensor 10.Dynamic Thermal Scene Simulator 11.Incandescent Pixel 12.Multiproject Wafer

ca tuns me micron
Welcome to the MEMS Laboratory at DalTech,  On Line Etch Silmulator

ch csem
CSEM Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA
CSEM's mission is to generate new high-tech business, based on leading-edge know-how and expertise in MEMS, microelectronics, microtechnologies, related systems and materials.  As an interface between both in-house and external research and the industrial world, CSEM contributes to the realization of novel products. Relying on its own enabling technologies, CSEM will undertake the development of custom MEMS products right through to the manufacturing phase, as well as the procurement of special products in industrial quantities. CSEM is a private company of public utility, the shares in which are held by leading Swiss enterprises. Advanced research programs and capital equipment are partly supported by the Swiss federal government. Beside Switzerland, CSEM is internationally active in a dozen European countries, as well as overseas.

ch epfl dmtwww
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
The Institute of Microsystems of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (IMS-EPFL) is a multi-disciplinary research institute activity in the areas of Microsystem design, integration and fabrication technology.  Current research of interests are: magnetic sensors, Non-Si and 3-D microfabrication methods, microfluidic modeling and devices and bio-medical applications of microfabrication technology.  The majority of this research is undertaken in close cooperation with various industrial partners.  Current facilities will be expanded in early 1999 to include a 10,000 sq. ft fully-equipped clean-room.

ch fsrm
Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology (FSRM)
The Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology (FSRM) is an independent non-profit organization in the field of microtechnology amd MEMS. It fosters the research in the field of microtechnology  and MEMS and promotes the transfer of R&D outputs in industry. It offers short courses for industry, support for establishing partnership, euro-information, all microtechnology and MEMS related information. It operates in Switzerland and Europe.
http://www.fsrm.ch/microsystems/index.html    Many training courses in MEMS and microsystems technology, please contact  Annette Locher  locher@fsrm.ch

ca tuns me micron
http://micron.me.tuns.ca    MEMS Lab at DalTech, On line etch simulator,

ch unine www_imt_dr
Institute of Microtechnology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
The Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Laboratory (SAMLAB) of the Institute of Microtechnology of the University of Neuchâtel has over ten years experience in the area of MEMS, microsensors, microactuators and microsystems. Current research areas include discrete microsensors, micromechanical devices, microfabricated tools for nanoscience and nanotechnology, miniaturized chemical analysis systems, micro-instrumentation for space research, biosensors and bioelectronics, MEMS, etc. The microfabrication and nanofabrication research facility (MNRF) operated by SAMLAB of the Institute of Microtechnology of the University of Neuchâtel (IMT UNI-NE) comprises a very complete clean room including double side mask aligners, wet etching, dry etching, diffusion and oxidation equipment, etc. The existing facility is used for prototype fabrication of microsensors and microactuators and MEMS. Over the years, the MNRF has also been used to execute training courses in technology with mainly industrial participants such as the "Hands on MEMS" course, which is part of a COMETT program "MEMS" and the FSRM course "Introduction to microfabrication technology".

com advancedmicrosensors
MEMS, MOEMS and thin film device design, development, proto and volume manufacturing company.

com analog
Analog Devices, Inc. is a leading semiconductor company that develops, manufactures and markets high-performance analog, digital, MEMS, and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) used in signal-processing applications.

com atomasoft
Atomasoft is a  company devoted to simulation in the field of Nanotechnology and Science.

com argonide
Your Direct Source for Metastable Nano Metal Powders.

com berkeleymicro
Berkeley MicroInstruments designs, manufactures, and markets electronic instruments that incorporate sensors based on its patented Flexural-Plate-Wave (FPW) technology. We recently introduced two new products, the Microviscometer BMV105 and Chemical Vapor Sensor BMC200

com brewerscience
The Optical Materials Division is expanding our product line to include MEMS.  The MEMS Unit mission is to provide specialty or niche materials that make commercialization of MEMS products possible.

com capovani
Our company, Capovani Brothers Inc., is a dealer in refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We deal in a wide variety of equipment and have a multitude of items in inventory that can be used by the MEMS community. We deal with a variety of customers ranging from small start-up companies and national laboratories to universities and large corporations.  Our web-site is updated daily and represents our current inventory.  Included are many photos and detailed specifications with an easy-to-use search feature, that also allows the customer to inquire, comment and even provide counter-offers on the equipment. Your web-site is a valuable resource for the MEMS industry and we feel the addition of our web-site would be an asset as well.

com colibrys
Colibrys offers medium-volume (100 k / annum) production of custom and standard components to diverse high value-added custom market applications including: Navigation and Guidance   Telecommunications   Life Sciences   Industrial Applications   Foundry Services

com designw
Design Workshop Technologies,
Design Workshop Technologies creates high-quality computer aided design software for the microelectronics and photonics industries and for other microfabrication applications.
http://www.designw.com  .

com egginc   32.  EG&G IC Sensors
Based in Milpitas, California, EG&G uses state-of-the-art silicon micromachining technology to manufacture components for physical measurement and control. EG&G IC Sensorsí MEMS product line includes pressure sensors, accelerometers, valves, and custom silicon microstructures. The firmís major MEMS markets are industrial, automotive, and medical applications, along with consumer electronics and aerospace.

com elvisions
EV Group provides leading-edge manufacturing solutions to the semiconductor, MEMS, and micromachining market segments. Electronic Visions provides R&D and automated high-volume solutions that include wafer bonding, lithography, wafer coating/spin coaters, developing and wafer cleaning systems used in MEMS applications.

com europractice
MST resources in Europe

com honeywell htc
Honeywell,  Development of LIGA-based tunable IR filters that can be coupled with microstructured uncooled IR sensor imaging technology to demonstrate multispectral imaging.

com intellis
IntelliSense Homepage
IntelliSense Corporation is the world leader in developing CAD tools for Microsystems applications, providing prototyping, and consulting services to develop MicroElectroMechanical Syetems (MEMS).

com intersci
InterScience, Inc.  SBIR for Air Force & Army-TRP, MEMS devices

com issys mems
http://www.mems-issys.com/sites.htm  Links to web sites
ISSYS Inc. specializes in silicon micromachinig technologies and its applications to the manufacturing of high performance, low cost microsensors, MEMS,  and intelligent microsystems.

com ivamnrw

IVAM NRW e.V.,an International, Industrial Association of Companies as well as Research and Development Organisations

IVAM NRW e.V members are working in the field of MEMS and microstructure technologies . All major fields of MEMS and microtechnologies are covered by the companies and products based on MEMS and microtechnologies being offered.IVAM NRW e.V. is a product development consortium The goal of all members is to take advantage of MEMS and microtechnologies either to enhance existing products or to develop, produce and sell new products for new markets on an industrial level.

com ivamnrw
Mikrostruktur-Initiative NRW
Mikrostruktur-Initiative NRW, c/o IVAM NRW e.V., is an international, industrial community of interest. Our members are companies (25) and research organisations (15) working in the field of MEMS and microstructure technologies. All major fields of MEMS and microtechnologies are covered and products based on MEMS and microtechnologies being offered. Mikrostruktur-Initiative NRW c/o IVAM NRW e.V. Emil-Figge-Str. 76 D - 44 227 Dortmund Tel.: +49 231 / 9742 - 168 Fax: +49 231 / 9742 - 150

com kerdry
Kerdry is a french major company in thin films technologies and optical components coatings

com lucifer
Nanotechnology Mailing Lists -- Table of Contents

com mems   11.  MEMStek Products LLC
MEMS and Micromachining Links.  Lists several sites of interest.
World's smallest micro-miniature MEMS gear pump

com memsoptical
MEMS Optical Inc, is to provide the high volume manufacturing market  with high performance optics and opto-electronics at a low cost.  Refractive micro lense array

com memsolptical
MEMS Optical Inc.  The objective is to provide the high volume manufacturing market with high performance MEMS optics and opto-electronics at a low cost.

com memx
MEMX is a broad-based MEMS company pursuing a variety of high value commercial and government products.  Our business focuses on design, fabrication, packaging, test and qualification of MEMS-based devices, and we  partner with others to integrate the chips into high value systems and products.

com micralyne
Micralyne is an Alberta technology corporation, with a mission to develop the best commercially relevant MEMS & microelectronic technologies for its customers' products and services.

com microopticalcorp
The MicroOptical Corporation is presently engaged in contracts with the Department of Defense for the development of optical micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

com microtec-d
Production, development and consulting

com mwrn
An Annotated Guide to On-line Resources for Microscopists and Microanalysts

com nexus-emsto
European MST Online (EMSTO)
European Information Clearinghouse on Microsystem Technology and MEMS provided by NEXUS.
MEMS Links    http://www.nexus-emsto.com/links.html

com nanothinc
The latest news about nanotechnology. NanoNews is a weekly news service providing top stories, features and announcements of general interest.

com nanothinc
Survey of MEMS and Micro-Actuator Technologies for Future Spacecraft Missions
The development of spacecraft technology has historically resulted in an abundance of commercial spin-offs. Ironically, future spacecraft may rely on many technologies now under development for commercial markets. The medical, automotive, robotics, and instrumentation markets have stimulated great advances in the field of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Commercial MEMS products today include chemical sensors, acceleration and pressure transducers, and micro valves. In fact, many of these MEMS devices are so small that they are best observed with the aid of a microscope. The presentation covers recent MEMS micro-actuator developments, their method of operation, design limitations, comparative performance, and their potential spacecraft applications.

com orchidbio
Orchid Biocomputer, 201 Washington Road, Princeton NJ 08543-2197, USA, "The Leader in Microfluidic Array Technology"

com okotech
93. OKO Technologies is a manufacturer of precision MEMS multichannel micromachined adaptive mirrors, which provide a unique possibility of fast wavefront control in modern optical systems. The company also produces and sells software for optical design, diffraction analysis and hologram synthesis.

com opticalinc
Microscopes & optics  ,  http://www.opticalinc.com/relatedlinks.htm  optical links  .

com plasma-apsi
The "Fourth State of Matter", Plasma, has been successfully controlled to form new materials and modify surfaces for the manufacturing of new MEMS products.

com redwoodmicro
Redwood MicroSystems
Redwood MicroSystems is the world leader in MEMS Silicon Microvalves and microvalve-based Pressure Regulators and Mass Flow Controllers. These MEMS valves are based on patented thermo-pneumatic Operating Principles which provide a tremendous amount of actuation force from an incredibly small silicon chip. Redwood's MEMS products offer benefits in size cost and performance versus pressure and flow regulators using conventional solenoid valves. To Contact Redwood, call our customer service hotline at 1-800-888-8283 or contact one of our 20 Sales Representatives, U.S. distributors, or International Distributors.

com rgraceassoc
Marketing Counsel and Analyst Specializing in the MEMS, Sensors and Semiconductor Industries

com sma_mems
http://www.sma-mems.com/    TiNi Alloy Company Home Page. We are developing the technology of heat actuated shape-memory alloy (SMA) thin film microdevices.   Micro valves available for purchase.  Useful info on Shape Memory Alloy. mailto:tini1@holonet.net

com smptech
SMP Technology's engineering specializes in the methodology of product development. It is recognized that few products justify long, expensive programs of investigation. Most product-related problems which manufacturers face have been encountered at another time and place, in another industry.  MEMS related

com siliconlight
77. Silicon Light Machines (formerly Eschelle, Inc.)
Silicon Light Machines' unique Grating Light Valve technology represents a MEMS approach to manufacturing high-resolution, high-contrast, and bright displays. The GLV technology is based on simple physical principles, and can be manufactured using conventional MEMS silicon-based manufacturing technologies. The GLV MEMS technology was originally developed and patented by Professor David Bloom and his students at Stanford University. To create a GLV device, Micro-Electromechanical (MEMS) techniques are used to form pixels on the surface of a silicon chip.

com silexmicrosystems
Offers design, development and volume manufacturing of MEMS components  primarily for customers in the telecommunication and life science markets.  Specialties include bulk micromachining with etching, V-groove and DRIE,  anodic, fusion, adhesive and solder bonding, surface micromachining with  multilayer polysilicon, polyimide/BCB dielectrics for RF applications, and  electroplating and electroless bumping of gold, nickel and solder tin.  Components are developed and fabricated in state-of-the-art class 10-10000  cleanrooms using 4", 6" and 8" diameter wafers.

com sysplan
http://esc.sysplan.com/esc/index.html    Electronic Subcommittee (ESC) NAVIGATOR
The Electronics Subcommittee, established by the Civilian Industrial Technology Committee under the President's National Science and Technology Council, has developed the ESC NAVIGATOR, a tool to inventory and search federally-funded research and development programs in electronics.

com stsystems
Surface Technology Systems Ltd
Surface Technology Systems Limited are suppliers etch and deposition equipment to MEMS R&D and specialist production facilities. The STS Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE) process is the market leader for anisotropic etching of silicon for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS). The ASE process is run on the Multiplex ICP system an inductively coupled plasma system suitable for a wide range of high density, low pressure plasma MEMS processing applications including deep anisotropic etching of silicon. STS has recently celebrated the manufacture of its 100th ICP system, 50 of which were configured for ASE applications. This gives STS an installed base of more than 10 times its nearest competitor.

com tanner
We offer design  tools, design services, technical  expertise, and  research experience in the areas of ICs (integrated circuits), ASICs (Application Specific ICs), and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). We invite you to explore our web site to learn more about us and our software products and services.

com vaisala
Vaisala, manufacturer of instruments for MEMS, meteorology and environmental monitoring. Micromechanical and MEMS products include capacitive pressure sensors and micromachined interferometer.

com verysmalltech
Very Small Technologies, Inc. is a MEMS and nano-technology fabrication company. VST is built upon a vision of rapid and flexible product development and high volume manufacturing.

com xerox parc
http://www.parc.xerox.com/spl/projects/smart-matter/default.html    Xerox - PARC's research programs in MEMS
http://www.parc.xerox.com/hogg  Tad Hogg -  distributed control of smart matter, the relation between physics and computation, including
http://www.parc.xerox.com/spl/projects/smart-matter/    Smart matter

cz cvut feld micro
Microsystems Group Department of Microelectronics CTU in Prague
MEMS Research Activities (Projects): Semiconductor Microsystem Structures Sensor Signals Processing Sensor Signals Wireless Transmission Sensor Control Systems Biomedical Sensors Flowmeters Temperature Sensors Pressure Sensors

de bartels-mikrotechnik
Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH
Bartels is a supplier of MEMS microproducts such as microgrippers.

de fhg isit
Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISiT)
The Fraunhofer-Institut für Siliziumtechnologie (ISiT) in Itzehoe is operating the most advanced silicon processing line of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the biggest non-profit organisation in Germany for applied R&D. This line is the basis for development and manufacturing of silicon based devices for microelectronics, MEMS, and microsystems applications. One important asset of the ISiT concept is the possibility to manufacture prototypes as well as low volume series of these types of systems. Microsystem and MEMS technology is one key working area of ISiT. Therefore all relevant MEMS and MST technologies from bulk to surface micromachining, electroplating, bonding techniques, mounting and packaging, hybrid and monolithic integration of devices, IC and system design and device characterisation is available at ISiT. ISiT has over 15 years experience in MEMs and MST sensors and actuators development and works together with major companies as well as innovative SME's from different market areas. ISiT is also the co-ordinator of NEXUS, the European Network of Excellence in Microsystem Technology.

de fh-heilbronn
Fachhochschule Heilbronn    Fachbereich Elektronik und Mechatronik    Studiengang Mikro- und    Feinwerktechnik
Tutorial    http://www.fh-heilbronn.de/MFT/fach/wehl/mst/mik-tech.htm#IO  MEMS related.

de fzi
Development Tools for Sensors and Actuators in the Area of Microsystem Technology  and MEMS.

de fzk bksun17
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
One of the main activities in MEMS / MST / LIGA in Germany is held by PMT (Projekt Mikrosystemtechnik) at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK, former KfK). At the moment, PMT-coworkers are turning out the first *industrial* LIGA products!

de fzk pmtsun3   16.  Micro Systems at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
The Karlsruhe Research Center (formerly Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center, KfK) is one of the largest non-commercial science and engineering research institutions in Germany. It works on research and development problems of public interest, exclusively for peaceful purposes, in the fields of technology and the environment. Its "Research for Environmentally Sustainable High Technologies" program is concentrated on these four main areas: environment, energy, microsystems engineering & MEMS, and fundamental research.

de imm-mainz
103.  Institute of  Microtechnology,  Mainz
IMM is a non-profit research and development institute, founded and owned by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, a federal state of Germany. It is located in Mainz, which is the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the political, cultural and economic centers of the highly developed Rhine-Main area. The ultimate goal of IMM is to transfer innovative ideas quickly and efficiently into marketable products, helping its partners from industry to achieve commercial success. MEMS

de micromotive-mikrotechnik
We provide microtechnology as a service for other companies. We develope and fabricate customer components in small as well as large volume. Our technology are thin and thickfilm processes, silicon bulk micromachining and microassambly. We focus on sensors and actuators, and microfluidics.

de temic
The Temic Homepage
TEMIC (Daimler Benz) is one of the main players in the fields of MST and MEMS in Germany. TEMIC is producing RF components, Electronic control units, Communication & Industry, MCM modules, Optoelectronic modules, Power hybrids, Intelligent Sensors, Smart Membranes and Military Electronics based on microsystem technologies and MEMS.

de TU-Berlin ee mat
Microsensor & Actuator Technology Berlin
The MEMS Microsensor & Actuator Technology Berlin (MAT) is part of the research unit "Microperipheric Technologies" of the Technical University of Berlin and was founded in 1987. Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Obermeier is the head of the MAT. Today more than 30 research scientists are working on the field of MST and MEMS sensor and actuator development. Main topics are the development and realization of sensors for measurement of pressure, force, acceleration, temperature, humidity, gas flow and gas concentration. Modern computer aided design methods (like FEA) are used to optimize the sensor characteristic. The cleanroom facilities include standard CMOS processes and numerous special processes, e.g. anisotropic etching, electrochemical etching and anodic bonding. Computer controlled test systems are used to characterize the devices.

de tu-chemnitz infotech
Jorg Albrecht's list of MST / MEMS Sites
http://www.infotech.tu-chemnitz.de/~zfm/sfb379/  Collaborative Research Center at Chemnitz where micromechanical sensor and actuator arrays are dealt with (in German).
http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~ntn/yellow.html    Large list of web sites and jobs

de tu-dresden
Technical University Dresden Institute for Semiconductor Technology and Microsystem Technology
Research Profile Das Forschungsprofil ist durch Beiträge zu Schichttechnologien in derHalbleitertechnik, zur Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik der Elektronikund der Mikrosystemtechnik gekennzeichnet. MEMS related

de tu-harburg
TU-HH Department of Semiconductor Technology
MST and MEMS topics in Research & Development Integrated optical resonators Integrated optical coupling structures Integrated optical amplifier Laser-fiber-coupling by means of a silkicon micro-optical bench Thin film gasselective membranes Irondisilicide thin films for optoelectronic applications Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells on Graphite Substrates Magnetometer prepared from the High-Temperature Superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 Optical Microspectrometer with Integrated White Light Emitter A Microsystem Mass Spectrometer A Micro Gaschromatograph Micromechanic Pumps 3D Si Structures via Etching and Moulding Techniques Plasmadeposition from siliconorganic substances Metallization of non-planar substrates at low temperatures

de tu-muenchen
Willkommen beim Bereich Mikrosystemtechnik,  Welcome to the microsystems department,  Technical Univ of Muenchen

de uni-bremen imsas
82. Institute for MST & MEMS Microsensors, -actuators and -systems (IMSAS), University of Bremen

de uni-dortmund e-technik mst
Die aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten liegen auf dem Gebiet integriert-optischer Schaltungen für die optische
Nachrichtentechnik und Sensorik mit dem Schwerpunkt auf kostengünstigen Herstellungsverfahren nach
dem Prinzip der Mikroabformtechnik in Kunststoffen. MEMS Related

de uni-erlangen e-technik
83. Forschungsverbund Mikrosystemtechnik, Erlangen-München-Passsau, MEMS

de uni-erlangen ltc1
Microreaction technology - References
Miniaturization of chemical reactors and entire plants is a promising new concept in chemical engineering. Enhanced heat transfer, intrinsic safety due to small volumes in the production of hazardous material, point-of-use manufacture of chemicals - these are some of the possible benefits of applying miniaturization techniques in this area. Check out this compilation of ever increasing literature, on and off the Web. MEMS related See also:

de uni-mainz
LIGA news
Online version of a newsletter of the International LIGA Community provided by the Institute of Microtechnology (IMM), Mainz. MEMS and LIGA

de vdivde-it
8.  MST International - Micro System Technology
MST News letter    http://www.vdivde-it.de/IT/IMSTO/mstnews.html
MST and MEMS Links and resources    http://www.vdivde-it.de/it/mst/

de vdivde-it
7.  European Microsystems Technology On-line
EUROPRACTICE is an EC initiative which aims to stimulate the wider exploitation of state-of-the-art microelectronics technologies by European industry. The ultimate goal of EUROPRACTICE is to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the global market-place.
MST and MEMS web Link search    http://www.vdivde-it.de/it/imsto/sites/W3MST.qry

dk dtu
Mikroelektronik Centret
http://www.dtu.dk/mic/  or http://www.mic.dtu.dk/mic , Email mic@mic.dtu.dk , MIC is a research center affiliated to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). It has its own management and a board of directors consisting of five representatives from Danish industry, two from DTU and two staff members.  MEMs related

edu berkeley eecs bsac
31.  Berkeley Sensors and Actuators Center
Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC) is a NSF/Industry/University MEMS cooperative research center funded by the National Science Foundation and a consortium of corporations and government agencies. Since its foundation in 1986, BSAC has been devoted to  research on sensors and miniature moving mechanical elements or MEMS (MicroElectro Mechanical Systems) that take advantage of the remarkable progress made in integrated-circuit technology. BSAC researchers fabricate most of their MEMS devices in the UC Berkeley Microfabrication Laboratory. The laboratory is located on the 4th floor of Cory Hall which is home to the Electrical Engineering department of the University of California at Berkeley.

edu berkeley eecs www-bsac
Microsystem Technology Yellow Pages  http://www-bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ntn/yellow.html#jobs

edu berkeley eecs nitride
Analog Devices i MEMS Project
Information about the Analog Devices Inc and UC Berkeley investigation on the Integrated Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (iMEMS) project. Also presented is information about the MEMS surface micromachining capabilities at ADI.

edu berkeley eecs www-bsac
A collection of references of papers written since 1980 which report the mechanical properties of polycrystalline silicon is now available on the The Berkeley Sensor and Acuator Center web site. There is also a collection of papers that report devices made by surface micromachined polycrystalline silicon.

edu berkeley me mems
Etcheverry MEMS LAB home page, University of California at Berkeley, USA

edu berkeley eecs www-bsac
Home page of  Dr. Nam-Trung Nguyen, Yellow Page of MST, Publications, Microfluidics, Vietnam
http://www-bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ntn /yellow.html    http://www-bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ntn/microfluidics.html
Email: ntn@bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu

edu bu eng
92.  Boston University's Precision Engineering Research Laboratory (BU-PERL), under the direction of Dr. Thomas G. Bifano, is dedicated to MEMS research on fabrication, control, and measurement at nanometer scales of precision. A core project, supported by DARPA (MEMS), involves building silicon-based deformable mirror systems for pattern recognition and adaptive optics. Another core project, supported by NSF, DOE, and private industry, involves a new process for manufacturing compact disc stampers. A third core project, supported by grants from DARPA, ARO, and industry, involves developing MEMS devices for microfluidic control.

edu bu engc
MEMS Deformable Mirror Research at Boston University
Implement coordinated MEMS microelectromechanical surface normal actuator arrays for development of an exciting new class of silicon-based devices; deformable membrane mirrors.

edu byu ee
Current research at BYU focuses on the development of characteristic models that describe standard MEMS devices. Once a number of models MEMS are characterized, these can be used as standard cells in a MEMS heirarchal design, much like current IC design techniques.

edu colorado
Massively Actuated and Sensed Structures
Recent advances in mini- and micro-sensor/actuator MEMS devices have opened the doors to innovative structural applications in all areas of engineering. It is important to harness these MEMS advances to make the concept of Adaptive Wing Structures a practical reality. Devices distributed throughout a wing structure, for example, may be used to control shape, vibrations, stresses or energy absorption in response to sensor stimuli.

edu colorado
Professor Y. C. Lee's Research Group,  MEMS, soldering, flip chip, modeling

edu colorado
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) at University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, NSF Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging of Microwave, Optical and Digital Electronics

edu cornell cnf
Nanofabrication Facility (NNF), has served the US research community for more than 15 years by providing nanofabrication services to over 600 research projects on the beautiful Cornell University campus. Subjects for research are as diverse as Astronomy and Plant Pathology, and projects delve into the emerging fields of Integrated Optics and Microelectromechanical Structures (MEMS) as well as the more conventional Microelectronics, Physics and Materials Research.

edu cornell mae maemac
MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) Module,  N.C. MacDonald

edu cwru mems   24.  Case Western Reserve University MEMS Resource home page
The Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Resource at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) provides an interdisciplinary environment for graduate education through state-of-the-art research in MEMS, micromachining, microsensors, microactuators, and microsystems.

edu cmu ece   29.  Carnegie Mellon Microelectromechanical Systems Laboratory
The Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Laboratory is associated jointly with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Robotics Institute (part of the School of Computer Science) at Carnegie Mellon University.  In the MEMS Lab, we are developing miniature sensor and actuator systems made using batch-fabrication processes, especially integrated-circuit fabrication processes. MEMS Research in this area is motivated by the potential to produce high performance, low-cost, miniature sensors and actuators. Smart MEMS sensors are made by combining microstructures and circuits on a single silicon chip. Specific research areas of interest include nanometer-scale data storage, microsensors and microactuators, MEMS design tools, micromechanical component modeling, embedded microinstruments, and microrobotics.

edu cwru mems6
MEMS Research at Case Western Reserve University
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) research at Case Western Reserve University is an interdisciplinary effort comprising faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and students from four academic departments. Our group brings together experts in all facets of MEMS - design, modeling, fabrication, materials, devices (sensors, actuators, and electronics), and applications - to address the critical scientific and technological issues for advancing MEMS.

edu cwru eeap mems
25.  Ohio MEMSNet
A consortium of Ohio universities and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, in conjunction with the CAMP, the Edision BioTechnology Center, Ohio's two major Federal laboratories, and a number of Ohio industries, have established the Ohio MEMSNet, a state-wide fabrication, design, and testing infrastructure capability for the emerging field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

edu duke egr mems
The following are links to information about the various laboratories and research groups in operation within the
Mechanical Engineering department or in conjunction with other departments.

edu gatech ece
Micromachining Research at Beorgia Institute of Technology, USA, Shows MEMS research projects

edu hawaii eng
University of Hawaii, Dr Eun Sok Kim, Dr Mehrdad Nejhad, Dr Junku Yuh, Dr Stephan Itoga, MEMS researrch

edu isi
Welcome to the MEMS Clearinghouse, links, archives, yellow pages, MEMS Technologies, Calendar of Events, News and MEMS Discussions
Other related MEMS sites   http://mems.isi.edu/archives/otherWWWsites.html
MEMS Yellow Pages  http://mems.isi.edu/mems/yp/
MEMS Calendar    http://mems.isi.edu/mems/calendar/

edu isi broker
The Micro Mechanical Processing Center of USC/Information Sciences Institute
It is a  prototyping service for standard cell and full-custom VLSI circuit development. MOSIS is in the process of expanding their service to include MEMS devices.

edu isi k2
18.  Sensors, Microstructures, and Actuators Working Group (SMAWG)
SMAWG is an independent MEMS professional organization welcoming participants from academia, industry, and government. Our objective is to create a forum for discussion of MEMS and related technology, and to benefit from the MEMS collaborations which will inevitably result. The SMAWG format is loosely modeled on the successful Bay Area MEMS Journal Club in Northern California. The motivation behind that format is to foster interactive MEMS discussion sessions rather than a formal seminar series.

edu isi k2
19.  Bay Area MEMS Journal Club
The Bay Area MEMS Journal Club is an informal forum for professionals with an interest in the MEMS field. Meetings are held in the evening on the first Wednesday of each month and typically follow an open-discussion format in which group participation is encouraged. Topics span from fabrication technologies to applications of MEMS.

edu isi mems
17.  MEMS Clearinghouse, University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
The MEMS Clearinghouse was established to be a repository of information about MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and to foster communication and the sharing of data within the MEMS community.

edu LaTech
23.  Louisiana Tech University,  Institute for Micromachining
A  MEMS resource for the development of microfabrication and microassembly processes for industrial, medical and consumer products.

edu louisville spd pyramid
Lists other MEMS sites of interest
http://mitghmr.spd.louisville.edu/course/article_comments.html  Comments on Writing an Article
http://mitghmr.spd.louisville.edu/course/    University of Louisville Microfabrication Course (EE500)

edu loyola itri
JTEC/WTEC Program on MEMS at Loyola College
The Japanese Technology Evaluation Center (JTEC) and its companion World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC) at Loyola College provide assessments of foreign research and development in selected technologies under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF). A study of MEMS in Japan is available.

edu loyola itri
his site is designed to present up-to-date sources of information on nanotechnology in the following areas: major research centers,
funding agencies, major reports and books.

edu mit ai swissnet
The purpose of this study is to examine the long-term benefits of using
distributed MEMS technology to couple computation to the physical world,
and to recommend MEMS research in information technology required to achieve
these benefits.

edu mit cafe
Links to other MEMS places

edu mit mtl
26.  MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories
The MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) is a collection of people and facilities bound together by a shared mission emphasizing education, research, and service in microsystems and MEMS technology.

edu mit arsenio
The MEMS Interchange on the Semiconductor Subway is a page collecting sources of MEMS fabrication and modelling information and other  MEMS  pages of interest to the MEMS community.

edu mit arsenio
The Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) at MIT
This page centralizes MEMS information about the FAB's and research going on at the MTL at MIT, including research on MEMS at MIT and MEMS elsewhere . There is also a page announcing the next Boston Area MEMS seminar (BAMS).

edu mit goesser
Boston Area MEMS Seminar Enters its Second Year The Boston Area MEMS Seminar ("BAMS") was started in September 1993 by Professors, Stephen D. Senturia and Martin A. Schmidt to promote information exchange within the Boston area on
Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS). The seminar series is held monthly at MIT, co-sponsored by MIT and Analog Devices. A typical program consists of one or two speakers followed by a discussion on a MEMS topic of interest.

edu mit www_mtl
MTL Research in Microelectromechanical Devices, MEMS

edu mit www_mtl
http://www-mtl.mit.edu/BAMS/seminar.html    Boston Area MEMS Seminar (BAMS) Series /  The Boston Area MEMS Journal Club

edu ncsu ww2 erl_html
http://www2.ncsu.edu/eos/project/erl_html/erl_home.html   Welcome to the ECE Electronics Research Laboratory at North Carolina State University., interconnects, multichip module, MEMS interconnect, Retinal Prosthesis Project , Tutorials, html guide, david_winick@ncsu.edu

edu neu ece
Microfabrication and MEMS Laboratory at Northeastern University A well equiped laboratory working in MEMS

edu njit
http://www.njit.edu/MRC/    The Microelectronics Research Center (MRC) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is an R & D unit for the design, manufacturing, packaging, and test of integrated MEMS and CMOS devices.
Directions to NJIT  http://www.njit.edu/University/Directions.html   -

edu ohio-state eng er6
http://www.er6.eng.ohio-state.edu/~madou/mems/ch1.htm    Marc Madou, book, links, etc

edu princeton
14.  Belle Mead Research
Home page of Belle Mead Research Consulting Company which specializes in providing cost effective solutions to companies in micromechanics and MEMS.

edu princeton
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
The site covers MEMS and Micromechanics.
Included in the site are:

edu rochester ceas
The purpose of this web page is to offer easy access to some of the excellent web sites devoted to MEMS and MEMS-related material. The intention is to provide a comprehensive overview of general MEMS and micromechanical design and fabrication.

edu smu seas
Zeynep Celik-Butler developing graduate level MEMS course

edu stanford cdr
http://transducers.stanford.edu/stl.html    transducer lab
The Stanford CDR maintains information on a wide variety of research projects that include collaborative design, national studies on engineering education, and computational agent infrastructures for distributed collaborative engineering. There is also a DesignNet directory of design research services.  MEMS related
Aluminum MEMS structures

edu stanford snf
NanoNet, National Nanofabrication User Network
http://www.nnun.org/    new link
http://snf.stanford.edu/NNUN/   old
The NanoNet provides an electronic means for the Nanofabrication community to share information about the network of nanofabrication facilties. MEMs related

edu ucla janet
27.  Distributed Microsystems Research Group    UCLA Electrical Engineering Department
The Distributed Microsystems Research (DMSR) Group is comprised of several ARPA-funded programs, which together are involved in research and development of the design tools, algorithms, architectures, and CMOS integration techniques needed to enable next-generation systems for distributed communications, networking, monitoring, and high-speed signal processing. MEMs related

edu ucla janet
Low Power Wireless Integrated Microsensors
The UCLA Electrical Engineering Department's Website for Low Power Wireless Integrated Microsensors - A DARPA Research and Development Program  MEMs related

edu ucla icsl synergy
Nanofabrication Research Facility, UCLA Los Angeles
Synergy at UCLA contains Micro Electro Mechanical Systems related information, incl. UCLA MEMS major field announcements, some electron microscope pictures (by Prof. Pister and his students) as well as a description of the UCLA Nanofabrication Research Facility.
http://synergy.icsl.ucla.edu/htdocs/sc_outline.html    Tutorial and intorductory material

edu ucdavis ece
http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/~olav/ece289j.html   Course
http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/~olav/    Prof
http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/    Dept
University of California at Davis course in MEMS

edu uc ece
Welcome to the Center for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS . The center is part of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) group of the Applied Systems Research Program of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Cincinnati.

edu uc eng dolphin
The Center for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS (CMSM) at the University of Cincinnati is fully equipped with facilities to research he design, fabrication, and characterization of Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) structures and devices on chips with integrated circuits. Three core faculty members (and several inter departmental associates) are closely working together on MEMS research, including 25 graduate students plus another 10 students in affiliated departments and colleges. Recently, the CMSM has been awarded a DARPA project of $2.6 M for the development of MEMS-based microfluidic systems and remote sensors.
MEMS Links    http://dolphin.eng.uc.edu/link.html

edu uic mal
The Microfabrication Applications Laboratory (MAL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is a research and development laboratory dedicated to the application of integrated circuit and fiber optic technology to improve manufacturing methods for microfluidic, electromechanical, mechanical, chemical, optical and multi-functional devices, some of which have previously been built by more traditional techniques. MEMS related

edu umass ecs
86. Electromechanical, Systems Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ,
University of Massachusetts Amherst
 Research activities at the Electromechanical Systems Lab are focused on the design, analysis, and
implementation of "smart" MEMS and electromechanical components, structures, and systems for enhanced condition
monitoring and intelligent manufacturing. The MEMS development is centered around a mechatronics approach,
striving for a synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronics, controls, and computer
MEMS Links     http://www.ecs.umass.edu/mie/labs/emsl/related.html

edu umich eecs pangaea
CAEMEMS Software WWW site from the University of Michigan
CAEMEMS is a MEMS software framework for the design of sensor and actuator CAE systems. In its present form, CAEMEMS consists of the CAEMEMS D-Module and an array of supporting software for the generation, execution, and plotting of finite-element analyses (FEA) of diaphragm pressure sensors. Use is made of the ANSYS commercial FEA system.

edu umich engin linlabdell1
Professor Lin does MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) related research, here at the University of Michigan at Ann
Arbor in the Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) Department. If you are interested in helping create a
MEMS division in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), please follow these links (print them out and
mail to the address included):   mailto:lingroup@linlabdell1.engin.umich.edu

edu umn ece
http://www.ece.umn.edu/groups/mems/    The University of Minnesota Center for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), the Microechnology Laboratory, MTL) supports the integration of piezoelectric thin films, micromechanical structures, and MOS integrated circuits. mailto:robbins@ee.umn.edu

edu umr
University of Missouri-Rolla
Interesting Web-Site on Piezoelectric Motor Research  MEMS related

edu unl wwitch
This research is a University-Industry cooperative investigation. The aim is to control static friction (stiction) in microelectronic micro-machined systems (MEMS).

edu utexas mer weewave
http://weewave.mer.utexas.edu/MED_files/MED_research/mems_sum.html   Micromachined Sensors & Actuators
MicroElectromagnectics Device Group at the University of Texas
Information on research conducted at The University of Texas at Austin by Dr. Dean P. Neikirk into optical pressure sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, and the use of MEMS technology for "smart" mechanical bearings can be found here.

edu washington me luttice
University of Washington  Micro-Pump Research Group Web Server

edu wisc engr mems
15.  University of Wisconsin MEMS
Describes MEMS research, products and partners.  MEMS courses available.

es csic labsen
http://www.labsen.csic.es/sens.htm   Links to web pages, Servidores Web en los que se pueden encontrar informaciones sobre las disponibilidades tecnológicas en el área de Microsistemas.
http://www.labsen.csic.es/home.htm    Home page
MEMS Webs Servidores Web en los que se pueden encontrar informaciones sobre las disponibilidades tecnológicas en el área de Mi.

fr cea www-dta
Laboratory of Electronics, Technology and Instrumentation (LETI)
http://www-dta.cea.fr/WWWCEA/leti/uk/microtec.htm    Microtechnology
LETI, laboratory of the CEA's Direction of Advanced Technologies, is one of the most important european applied research laboratory in electronics. Its main mission : to help companies to improve their competitiveness, thanks to technological innovation. About 85 % of its activity is dedicated to researches, finalized with partners outside CEA. MEMs related

fr dolphin
Dolphin Integration, CAD, SMASH, EDA, GDS@

fr image tima-cmp
TIMA (Technics of Informatics and Microelectronics for computer Architecture) is the research part of the laboratory, and CMP (Multi-Project Circuits) is its service activity part. CMP is introducing Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) fabrication based on CMOS 1.0 micron DLM/SLP front side bulk micromachined by EDP at ESIEE. MEMS like cantilevers, membranes, microbridges, etc... may be processed together with the electronics. MEMS design rules have been defined, available to designers upon signature of a Confidentiality and Licence Agreement (CLA). A CADENCE OPUS design kit is available to allow the generation of the layout including electronic and non-electronic parts. The kit includes an extended DRC and an extended parameter extractor (from layout to netlist) distinguishing electronic and non-electronic parts. A netlist is generated allowing an electrical simulation where MEMS bridges, cantilevers and membranes are considered as a resistance, and a behavioural simulation where these structures are represented by a model in the language HDLA/ELDO from ANACAD. Other CMOS processes, surface micromachining, GaAs processes, LIGA, Quartz micromachining will be introduced gradually.

fr laas emsto
Links to MEMS web sites
MEMS Yello Pages, Searches

gov llnl
Material Evaluation Section, interesting but not MEMS & Micro System Technology

gov nasa arc s2K
http://s2k.arc.nasa.gov/mems/home.html    Welcome to Dr.Marc Madou's Web Site

gov nasa jpl mishkin
33.   Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Center for Space Microelectronics Technology and Robotics and Mars Exploration Technology home page

gov nasa jpl mishkin
34.   The JPL Microdevices Laboratory (MDL)
MDL at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a facility dedicated to create, develop, integrate and deliver critical microdevice technologies and products enabling NASA and DoD space missions and enhancing U.S. competitiveness worldwide. MDL is a primary research and technology development facility in the Center for Space Microelectronics Technology (CSMT) at JPL and is operated by the Microdevice Section (346). MDL provides end-to-end device development capabilities and a staff with expertise in technologies over a wide variety of fields. Devices based on silicon, III-V compound semiconductors, and superconductors can be fabricated with nanometer-size features and fully. MDL enables the development of a multitude of  MEMS and microdevices such as infrared detectors, millimeter and submillimeter wave sensors, UV and x-ray CCDs, photonic devices, micromagnetic devices, accelerometers, seismometers, meteorological sensors. chemical sensors, gyroscopes and electronic neural networks. Prototyping of devices from concept to prototype in less than 2 years has been demonstrated.

gov nasa larc mstb
Langley has only recently began to explore the MEMS arena. Our primary emphasis is to bring MEMS technology to the Langley
Wind Tunnels.

gov nsf
NSF Directorate of Engineering page
Gives information on grants, current funded research, programs, deadlines, and contains ann online search engine of NSF documents.

gov sandia mdl   1
3.  Sandia National Laboratories, Intelligent Micromachine Initiative
Sandia National Laboratories is a recognized leader in this emerging field of MEMS. Sandia has developed unique technologies which enable the realization of complex MEMS mechanical systems on a chip, and the integration of these MEMS systems with on-chip control and communication electronics. Course available.
The manufacturing processes which have been developed as part of the explosive progress in the microelectronics industry are now being applied to the fabrication of miniature mechanical devices, including sensors (such as accelerometers and pressure sensors) and actuators (such as tiny motors and tweezers). Because the mechanical devices are manufactured on a silicon chip, they can be integrated directly with silicon control electronics. Researchers at Sandia's Microelectronics Development Laboratory (MDL) are at the forefront of this exciting field.

gov uspto
US Patent and Trademark Office

ie ucg finite
National University of Ireland, Galway,  Micromechanics Research Group
In Micromechanics, materials are represented at the microscale by mathematical models which explicitly
incorporate features of the materials microstructure such as second phase or reinforcing particles, voids,
defects, microcracks, grain boundaries and crystal structure.

il org mems
the Israeli MEMS Site, email orenm@techunix.technion.ac.il  .

jp ac shizuoka eng sys
Micropump based on SAW streaming

jp ac u-tokyo fujita3.iis
Fujita Laboratory, MEMS, Micro Machines, MST, Research, Development

jp ac u-tokyo race
RACE, The University of Tokyo
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering (RACE) at the University of Tokyo studies design of artifacts for their higher alliance with the human society and environment. The page Hyper Process Knowledge Base describes one of their projects on manufacturing knowledge sharing, with visual demonstrations of MEMS fabrication processes (quicktime movies included).

jp ac u-tokyo leopard
102. Miura-Shimoyama Laboratory, Department of Mechano-Informatics at University of Tokyo.  MEMS programs

jp ac u-tokyo t leopard
The recent work of Yayoi Fujisawa, Miura-Shimoyama Laboratory, Department of Mechano-Informatics at University of Tokyo is the 4-winged flapping micromechanism. The size of the four wings is 0.84 mm x 0.42 mm. These are made of the single Nickel layer, magnetized, and actuated in the alternating electromagnetic field. MEMS related

jp go mel
78. Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of MITI
 Research at MEL is carried out on the following seven main areas   1.Materials Science and Technology   2.Bioengineering   3.Information and Systems Science   4.Advanced Machine Technology   5.Energy Technology   6.Manufacturing Technology   7.Robotics   MEMS related

jp ntt cae hqs info
Micromachine Technology .  Because mechanical relays provide superior performance compared to solid-state switches in on/off resistance, signal bandwidth, and in other ways, many mechanical relays can be found in telecommunications equipment. Reducing the size of relays is critical, but the limits of conventional down-scaling techniques have now been reached and a breakthrough technology is needed to make additional progress. This led NTT Laboratory researchers to develop a prototype electromagnetic micro actuator based on a thin-film head fabrication technology using photolithography. MEMS devices

jp or atip
The Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing objective and high-quality
information about technology developments in Asia.  Email mailto:www-admin@atip.org  ,   If access is too slow, please try http://www.atip.org/ , our United States site

jp or iijnet
The quarterly magazine "MICROMACHINE" is now distributed through this internet page.
http://www.iijnet.or.jp/MMC/   This is the main page for the Micromachine Center

jp or iinet
Through the support of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), the Micromachine Center was established to conduct research and development into micromachines, to collect and provide information, and to foster exchange and cooperation with organizations in Japan and abroad. In this way, the Micromachine Center is to play a central role in promoting the establishment of basic micromachine technologies and also the dissemination and utilization of micromachines and, in so doing, contribute to the development of domestic industry and international society. MEMS

jp or atip
The Asian Technology Information Program (ATIP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing objective and high-quality  nformation about technology developments in Asia.  MEMS information

kr ac kaist sorak
Micromachines and Microsystems Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology . A MEMS site

kr ac snu chips
MicroSystechnology Center, News, MicroTec Center Overview  MEMS

kr ac snu plaza
http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/~micro/    Seoul National University  College of Engineering  School of Electrical Engineering,  Micro gyro, micro mirrors, cell manipulation, process technology

lt ktu microsys
RC "Vibrotechnika" was founded in 1970 as a center for basic and applied research of Precision Engineering funded mainly by SU Space and Military agencies. Soon, it became a main center in the former Soviet Union in the fields of Precision and Ultraprecision Engineering based on the smart materials like piezoelectrics, magnetostrictives, etc.  MEMS related

lu cordis
EC Funding for MST
Esprit, the European Union's information technologies RTD programme, MEMS related

mil darpa web-ext2
DARPA Electronics Technology Office home page that contains information on the vision, priorities and R&D thrusts supported by ETO. It also describes the organization components and personnel,  and ETO solicitations. MEMS programs

mil darpa web-ext2
Summaries of all DARPA MEMS projects, information on the MEMS Principal Investigator meetings, a 1997 MEMS market survey,  and an MEMS overview presentation.

mil navy nrl mstd
Integrated Micromachines provides state of the art MEMS foundry services as well as a full MEMS design and analysis team. We can deliver turnkey MEMS solutions with DRIE, RIE, wet etch, sputtering, plating, dicing, and packaging services.

net att home lisa ramos
IEEE Princeton/Central New Jersey Section, MEMS related activities
Events & Calender, newsletter, IEEE PCNJ Committee Members, links

net earthlink home mccorquodale
http://home.earthlink.net/~mccorquodale/forum/mems.html    The links here will provide an introduction to the process of designing
and manufacturing MEMS

net piezosolutions
Piezo Solutions supplies piezoelectric ceramic, piezo actuator, pzt material, ultrasonic, acoustic and ultrasound products and engineering services.  John Hudak, President

net trimmer
Home page for this list of web sites.  You are already here.
The site covers MEMS and Micromechanics and mst and nano.
Included in the site are:

nl:80 elsevier
Journal Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
Access to various ELSEVIER journals. See also Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical for MEMS

nl tudelf et guernsey   12.  Silicon Microoptics in Delft
Delft University of Technology
Optics, MEMS and related links provided by the Delft University of Technology
http://wwwetis.et.tudelft.nl/   94.  Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory

nl tudelf et muresh
DIMES Delft University, Delft, The Netherlands
Dimes is the Dutch national center for research and education on silicon-based micro-electronics and MEMS

nl utwente el   3.  MESA Research Institute, the Netherlands
MESA is a university of Twente research institute for MST and MEMS micro electronics, materials- and molecular engineering, and sensors and actuators.
Two MESA sites of particular interest to MEMS researchers are:
Micro Mechanical Devices Group at  http://www.el.utwente.nl/tdm/mmd/index.html
Biosensors and Electrochemical Sensors at  http://www-bio.el.utwente.nl/research/sensors.htm

nl utwente el tdml16
MicroMechanics group Twente (MicMec)
The MEMS micromechanical transducers group conducts research on device physics, system, device simulation and fabrication technology of miniature mechnical devices. These are made by MEMS micromachining: photolithography (wet and dry), isotropic and anisotropic etching, wafer bonding and thin film deposition. Silicon and thin-film materials form the basic materials used. The MEMS devices are used as mechanical sensors which measure force, pressure, impact and fluid flow and in actuators and passive structures.

org ec research www-uk
Keywords VLSI manufacturing, wafer fabrication, process integration, clean room technology,
masks, 0.5 micron CMOS, packaging, automation.  Not Micro System Technology and MEMS, but related.

org eda
http://www.eda.org/   The one stop Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Standards resource on the World Wide Web
http://www.eda.org/bamjc/   Bay Area MEMS Journal Club

org electrochem
Electrochemical Society, Sensor Division
Sensor science and technology are growing rapidly in response to an ever-increasing demand for faster, cheaper, smaller, and more sensitive means to monitor the chemical, biological, and physical world around us. The focus of the Sensor Division is chemical sensors, with secondary emphasis on biosensors, physical sensors, and the processing technology of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). MEMS sensors can have a global impact in many areas: environmental cleanup, industrial process control, emissions monitoring, aeronautical and space systems, planetary exploration, nonproliferation of weapons, screening for explosives and contraband, home and workplace safety, and medical diagnosis and care. The sensor provides some of the functionality of analytical instrumentation, but with vastly reduced cost, size, and power consumption, and an ability for real-time, in situ measurement.

org asme
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
MEMS related activities, sponsor MEMS conferences, ASMENET

org ieee
IEEE Micromechanical Systems link
Here is the link to the IEEE Organization's MEMS Page. The Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems (JMEMS) publishes information on MEMS including fabrication techniques, microphenomena, materials, microsystems, and applications of devices ranging from microns to millimeters. Please click on JMEMS for information on published articles, abstracts, paper submissions, subscriptions, and topics of interest. The Journal is sponsored by the IEEE and the ASME.

org ieee
MEMS related activities, sponsor MEMS conferences

org mcnc mems   20.  MEMS Technology Applications Center,  MCNC
MCNC offers development, prototyping, and manufacturing of MEMS devices and systems based on surface, bulk, and/or LIGA micromachining. The Multi-User MEMS Processes, or MUMPs, is a DARPA-supported program that provides the domestic industrial, academic, and government communities with cost effective surface micromachining processing for prototyping and proof-of-concept fabrication. MUMPs is designed to be flexible, easy to use, and most importantly, cost effective.  Course available.
21.  HI-MEMS Alliance, MEMS Technology Applications Center
The HI-MEMS Alliance, led by MCNC, is a partnership among commercial manufacturers, universities, two federal laboratories, and a non-profit high-technology center established to provide customers with access to LIGA for the fabrication of precision micro-components.

org mcnc mems
MEMS Technet - Stock starting substrates are available in a number of different film stacks for surface, bulk, and LIGA processes. Order only the quantities you need online!

org memsalliance
An alliance of companies, universities, and government laboratories in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our mission is to create a group that networks expertise, capabilities, and research to facilitate the development of new applications and commercialization of miniaturization technologies.

org memsindustrygroup
METRIC, traditionally the annual meeting for members of the MEMS Industry Group, is now open to the MEMS Industry as a whole. Platform includes working groups to address issues of reliability, and afternoon panels of MEMS Users to discuss why they use MEMS, and how they were convinced to do so. Topics also to include international perspectives on MEMS, MEMS federal and local funding issues, and much more. METRIC is the only international conference devoted solely to MEMS and is the only event that caters to both the MEMS business person as well as the engineering and manufacturing behind the MEMS business. Info available soon at www.memsindustrygroup.org/metric2003. Questions please contact the MEMS Industry Group at (412) 390 1644 or info@memsindustrygroup.org.  Email: emcdevitt@memsindustrygroup.org

org mosis
Links to MOSIS and MEMS infrastructure sites

org nnun
The National Science Foundation has established the National Nanofabrication Users Network
 (NNUN) as an integrated partnership of user facilities with the objective of providing opportunities
 for researchers to turn new ideas in nanoscale science and technology into experimental reality.
 The network is committed to education, training and technical outreach.

org semi
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is an international trade association that represents semiconductor and flat panel display equipment and materials suppliers. Founded in 1970 in the United States, SEMI has evolved into an international organization committed to free trade and open markets. SEMI's primary goal is to help its members expand their global marketing opportunities and improve access to their customers and industry, government and civil leaders. SEMI has more than 1,600 member companies located in North America, Asia and Europe. Their products and services contribute more than $42 billion to the world economy. Success in the semiconductor industry typically requires an international effort. SEMI members that market products and serve customers world-wide often rely on the local expertise of SEMI employees at these offices. MEMS meetings

pl lodz p dmcs
Silicon MicroPump - in the frame of ESPRIT BARMINT project
If You want us to develop a model, mail us (e-mail: napier@dmcs.p.lodz.pl)!

ro pub imt   9. Institute of Microtechnology,  Bucharest, Romania
National Institute of Research-Development for Microtechnology
Objectives: multidisciplinary research in microsystems, technological development (microtechnologies), industrial services in microelectronics

ro pub imt   10.  Romanian Microsystems Technology On-line
The Romanian Information Clearinghouse on Microsystem Technology provided by Institute of Microtechnology (Bucharest, Romania) on behalf of NEXUSPAN (PAN-EUROPEAN Network in Multifunctional Microsystems). ROMSTO is an extension of EMSTO (European Microsystem Technology On-line)  MEMS related

se kth imc
MEMS Group Homepage
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) combine traditional integrated circuits fabrication technology with new, very fast growing branch - micromechanics, which exploits the excellent mechanical properties of silicon.

se kth imc
Microsystems Technology (MST) and MicroElectromechanical Systems (MEMS) combine traditional integrated circuits fabrication methods with micromechanics, which exploits the excellent mechanical properties of silicon.  Fields of expertise:   Microsensors and microfluid systems for biotechnical applications     Fiber optical precision interconnect techniques     Polymeric microstructures and replication techniques
MEMS Links    http://www.imc.kth.se/mems/docs/links.htm

se physto sysf
The FERMI Microsystem
The FERMI module is implemented as a silicon-on-silicon multichip microsystem. The microsystem, realised as a large silicon multi-layer substrate with four metal layers, supports ASICs, components, interconnections and transmission lines. MEMS

se uu teknikum mises
Micro Structure Bulletin
Newsletter for Nordic Micro Structure Technology.
Editor: Prof. Jan Söderkvist, Colibri Pro Development AB MEMS related

sg edu ntu
The Center of MEMS in NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) aims to be a Center of expertise in Asia and to support MEMS-Technology in Singapore.  mailto:mgkjurgen@ntu.edu.sg

tr edu metu ee
Integrated Microsensors and Sensor Systems for Industrial Applications  (TU-MICROSYSTEMS)   NATO Science for Stability Programme  MEMS related

uk ac cf
4.  ECAD Laboratory for Applied Microsystems,  Cardiff University of Wales
The Laboratory for Applied Microsystems and MEMS, ECAD, is an interdisciplinary research activity on fundamental and applied aspects of microengineering and microsystem technology with a strong bioscience orientation (BioMEMS). Other research themes are orientated towards biomedical and  space applications.

uk ac cf
5.  MSTNET:  Electronic mailer for European MEMS  Microengineering and Microsystems Technology
MSTNET is a global electronic mailer for the industrial and academic community involved in Microsystems Technology. This is provided by the Laboratory for Applied Microsystems at the University of Cardiff, UK.

uk ac lancs comp
http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/engineering/research/microelectronics/    Lancaster University Microelectronics & Microsystems group, Analogue & Mixed Signal and Integrated Microsystems

uk ac shef
University of Sheffield, UK, MEMS Unit Homepage
This link contains extensive information on current MEMS research at the University of Sheffield, UK. Example projects are a novel ROTATING microgyroscope under patent application, micro-speaker for hearing aids, and micro-electric generator for implanted microsystems. Links to other MEMS Sites.
Links to MEMS web sites    http://www.shef.ac.uk/~mesu/links.html

un ac soton ecs mems
Welcome to the Microelectromechanical Group in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton
http://www.mems.ecs.soton.ac.uk/publish.htm    publications

uk ac surrey ee
This document contains some useful introductory links for MEMS, microengineering and microelectromechanical systems
(MEMS). Most of the documents linked deal primarily with micromachining; ie, the fabrication of three dimensional
structures with dimensions of the order of microns

uk ac surrey ee
89. Microengineering and MEMS. Danny Bank's web site.
This document contains some useful introductory  & tutorial links for microengineering and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Most of the documents linked deal primarily with micromachining and MEMS.

uk co aml
Applied Microengineering Ltd
AML is an Independent, Industrial Commercial organisation, dedicated to Microengineering. Microengineering, sometimes referred to as Micromachining, Microsystems (MST), MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) is defined by AML as a technology using Silicon wafers, as the unit of production and base material, processed by a variety of microelectronic (and other) wafer, batch, techniques to produce identical millimetre sized devices with micron sized features, accurately and at low cost. AML's mission is to help Industry exploit Microengineering. This is achieved via the design, development, productionisation and manufacture of microengineered products (currently mainly sensors) on behalf of Industry. Microengineering enables the realisation of mechanical and electrical devices with smaller size, higher performance & lower unit costs.

uk co smithsys
6.  Europractice Basic Services
EUROPRACTICE is an EC initiative which aims to stimulate the wider exploitation of state-of-the-art microelectronics technologies by European industry. The ultimate goal of EUROPRACTICE is to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the global market-place. MEMs related
Hitachi has developed a high-power micropump and an electrostatically driven microvalve.

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