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Outline of the Micromechanics Seminar

A brief summary of the seminar topics is given below. The seminar is
customized for each group, and different topics will be expanded, reduced, or
eliminated depending upon your need. Questions are most welcome during
the seminar. The seminar can last between one hour and six hours, and is
non-proprietary. Usually the seminar is given in the morning, and meetings
with interested groups held in the afternoon.


An Overview
o Advantages. Small mechanical devices can be made inexpensively,
respond rapidly, use small volumes and power, and perform complex
o The size of things. There are different micro size ranges having
differing properties and fabrication techniques.

Fabrication Processes

Silicon Surface Micromachining
o Sacrificial fabrication.
o Complex devices, easily integrated with electronics, low cost.

Silicon Bulk Micromachining and Wafer Bonding
o Anisotropic etching.
o Wafer bonding, and complex devices with electronics.

LIGA (in German, Lithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformung)
o Fabrication for very high resolution parts in metal & plastic.
o LIGA like structures.

EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)
o Conventional machine shop tooling to make miniature parts out of
conducting materials.

Single Point Diamond Machining
o Jigs and fixtures for very high accuracy machining of small devices
using diamond tools.


Comb drive actuators
o Low voltage, resonate electrostatic actuators.
o Easily integratable with electronics.

Side drive motors
o Motors with high speed but low torque.

Electrostatic motors
o Efficient, good holding torque, higher voltage needed.

Electromagnetic motors
o Lower voltage, usually higher power requirements.

Harmonic motors
o High torque, lower speed motors.
o Either electrostatic or electromagnetic.

Pneumatic & hydraulic
o High force, self lubricating.

o High force, high speed for micro devices, dissipates power.

SMA (Shape Memory Alloy)
o High force, easy to use, must work in set temperature range.

o High force, quite small displacement.

Impact actuators
o High force, efficient, good for cutting and puncturing.


o Sensors, valves, pumps, manipulators, filters, probes, connectors, etc.

Business Opportunities
o Types of companies involved in micromechanics.
o Growth histories of companies.
o Developing areas.

o Micromechanics is a diverse field with many opportunities.

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