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A Seminar on Micromechanics and MEMS Applications

By William Trimmer of Belle Mead Research
Phone 908 359 0012


Microelectronics has dramatically reduced the cost and increased the capabilities of electronics. We are poised on a similar revolution for micromechanical devices.

Micro-mechanical motors and other devices the diameter of a human hair open many new potential applications. As with the earlier microelectronics revolution, there is much potential to prosper and grow in micromechanics. This seminar discusses how to use these Lilliputian devices to advantage. Special emphasis is given to the commercialization of this technology.

In many applications, small mechanical devices have advantages. They can respond very rapidly, can occupy a small volume, are lightweight, can handle microscopic devices with finesse, consume little power, and are potentially low cost.

The Seminar 

This seminar will emphasize micromechanics and MEMS applications. After each topic is discussed, relevant applications will be examined. Questions and discussions from the participants are encouraged.

A number of different technologies for fabricating microdevices will be discussed: silicon surface and bulk micromachining, LIGA, EDM machining, single point diamond machining, plating, and molding.

The presentations will be given by W. Trimmer. Presentations can range from one to six hours, and are non- proprietary. It is suggested the seminar be held in the morning, leaving the afternoon free for discussions. For availability please call (908) 359 0012 or fax (908) 359 2094. A typical schedule is given below.


Session I

Session II Session III
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