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Co-developed sacrificial techniques for making micro gears and other components; co-invented the harmonic electrostatic motor, an optical fiber switch, a shape memory alloy actuator, an inchworm motor, and genetic engineering prob.

January 1997  "Micromechanics and MEMS, Classic and Seminal Papers to 1990," John Wiley and IEEE Press, number PC4390-QCL, ISBN 0-7803-1085-3, Edited by William Trimmer

1990 to 1997 Organized and Editor-in-Chief of the joint IEEE & ASME Journal on Microelectromechanical Systems.

1989 to 1990 Started Micromechanics section in the Sensors and Actuators Journal.

Nov. 1989 Editor of a special edition of Sensors and Actuators on Micromechanics.

Oct. 1987 Member, National Science Foundation's Forum on Emerging Engineering Technologies, made the presentation on micromechanics, micromechanics was one of two emerging technologies chosen for special NSF funding.

Nov. 1987 Co-chairman and organizer of the first IEEE Micro Robots and Teleoperators Workshop in Hyannis. This is the first workshop in the international MEMS series.

1977 to 1988 Co-PI and co-chairman of the three part NSF workshop on Micro Mechanical Systems Research; co-wrote booklet "Small Machines, Large Opportunities" that helped define the field.

Co-chairman and speaker at numerous sessions on micromechanics.



1990 to Present. President of Belle Mead Research.

1999 to September 2001.  Chief Technical Officer, Standard MEMS, Inc.

1990 to 1993 Visiting Fellow at Princeton University.

1982 to 1990 AT&T Bell Laboratories; started micromechanics research in 1985; co-developed robotic system to handle ultra-fragile semiconductor chips, transfered this robot from research to factory floor.

1979 to 1982 Senior Scientist of Johnson & Johnson's Special Research Group; helped develop acoustical system for early detection of breast cancer.

1977 to 1979 Staff Physicist in Singer's Corporate Laboratory; consultant to Sewing Products Group and the Climate Controls Division.

1972 to 1977 Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Physics Department at The College of Wooster, Ohio.

1966 to 1972 Ph.D. degree in Physics at Wesleyan University, Graduate Student Body President. Belle Mead Research, Inc -- Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502 -- Phone 908 359 0012 -- Fax 980 359 2094

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